6 Conditions That Improve with Microneedling

6 Conditions That Improve with Microneedling

Your skin is constantly aging, shedding, and replacing itself. As you age, this process slows down, which leads to visible signs of aging. Sun damage and certain skin conditions can also affect your complexion, leaving you with hyperpigmentation and blemishes. Microneedling can address all of these problems, refreshing your skin in the process. 

Laughlin Plastic Surgery in Annapolis, Maryland, provides cosmetic skin services of all kinds, including microneedling. Dr. Daniel Laughlin and his team can explain the microneedling process and help you decide if it’s right for you. 

Microneedling 101 

Microneedling is a minimally-invasive procedure that creates micro-injuries. These are small, relatively painless wounds that stimulate your natural healing response. Your body sends growth hormones to repair the area, which encourages the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, your skin heals softer and more supple than before. 

The effects are subtle, but microneedling can be combined with other skin treatments to boost your results. If you’re unhappy with your skin but don’t want to commit to surgery or injections, regular sessions can make a serious difference. 

Use microneedling for these 6 conditions

Microneedling isn’t the right fit for everyone, but you might be a good candidate for treatment if you struggle with any of the following skin conditions

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Acne scars
  3. Enlarged pores
  4. Uneven skin tone 
  5. Hyperpigmentation, including melasma
  6. Rosacea 

Skin conditions that can cause blemishes and discoloration are often just that: skin deep. Your body has the resources to heal your skin, but you have to trigger the healing process first. 

Microneedling can address these issues without surgery, injections, and downtime. It can take a few sessions to begin seeing the results you want, but microneedling can be a valuable addition to your skincare toolbox. 

What to expect

At first glance, microneedling can seem intimidating. The process involves a dermaroller covered in needles, and the phrase “micro-injuries” does not sound friendly. However, the needles are completely sterile, and they are only long enough to prick the surface of your skin. 

There is minimal discomfort involved, and Dr. Laughlin can numb your skin if you’re sensitive to pain. Because the damage is so shallow, there is no downtime required. Just make sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin while it heals. 

Curious about what microneedling can do for your skin? Learn more by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Laughlin. He can explain the process in detail and help you decide if it’s right for you. To get in touch, call 410-297-0654 or visit the contact page for more information.

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