Can Microneedling Reduce my Wrinkles?

Can Microneedling Reduce my Wrinkles?

A facial or mild peel can refresh your complexion, but they might not provide the results you’re looking for. If you want the anti-aging benefits of a deep peel or injectables without the chemicals or toxins, microneedling might be the perfect middle ground. By taking advantage of your body’s natural healing process, you can gradually tighten your skin with a few microneedling sessions. 

At Laughlin Plastic Surgery in Annapolis, Maryland, Dr. Daniel Laughlin provides minimally invasive cosmetic skin treatments, including microneedling, to help rejuvenate your skin.

How microneedling works 

When your skin is broken or injured, your immune system responds by sending platelets and growth hormones to the area. Once there, the area is repaired and reinforced by collagen and elastin. These are the proteins that provide your skin with its volume and elasticity. 

Young people have an abundance of these proteins, which are regularly broken down and replaced. As you get older, sun damage and aging cause production to slow down. Lowered levels of collagen and elastin in the skin can lead to sagging and loss of volume, forming wrinkles. 

Microneedling stimulates the growth of these depleted proteins using a roller lined with fine needles. These needles create micro-injuries, which your body fills in with new collagen and elastin. 

Benefits of microneedling 

One of the biggest benefits of microneedling is that it’s minimally invasive — no scalpels or stitches necessary. The needles used during microneedling are extremely small, hence the name. The gentle microneedling process effortlessly penetrates deeper than a facial or mild chemical peel, encouraging deeper, more thorough healing. 

This means that microneedling can treat a number of issues at once, including: 

The best part is that microneedling requires little downtime or discomfort, so you can return to your daily life as seamlessly as possible. 

What to expect 

Before your microneedling session, Dr. Laughlin addresses your skin concerns and makes sure microneedling is right for you. Then he thoroughly explains the procedure and offers a topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort. 

During each session, we move a handpiece lined with sterile needles over your skin, stimulating the healing process. It can take a few microneedling sessions to see your desired results, but each visit puts you closer to your goal. 

In the days following each session, avoid using harsh products or makeup on your face, and make sure to protect your skin from the sun. You might experience minor redness, swelling, and tenderness, but this should subside within a day or so. 

Interested in trying microneedling yourself? Dr. Laughlin and his team can help you learn more and decide whether you’re a good candidate. To schedule a consultation, call our office at 410-205-5629, or use our web form to send a private message today.

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