Get Rid of Those Stubborn Fat Areas Once and For All with CoolSculpting

Get Rid of Those Stubborn Fat Areas Once and For All with CoolSculpting

Working out, dieting, and toning your body can take you far, but sometimes that last mile between you and your dream body is down to a few stubborn fat deposits you can’t seem to shake or sweat off. 

At Laughlin Plastic Surgery in Annapolis, Maryland, Dr. Daniel Laughlin uses the CoolSculpting system to help you finalize your weight loss journey.

Most likely body areas for stubborn fat 

Dr. Laughlin treats each patient as unique. Men and women have different issues when it comes to fat storage, and individuals all have their own challenges. We’ll discuss your treatment with you to make sure body contouring is the correct approach. You can use CoolSculpting if you have:

Candidates for fat removal using CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss method, it’s designed to tackle pockets of fat that haven’t responded to diet and exercise. Dr. Laughlin asks you about your health and your goals to determine if CoolSculpting is a safe, effective option for you:

The CoolSculpting process

CoolSculpting disrupts fat cells with waves of cold energy (cryolipolysis), breaking them down into waste that can be recognized and naturally cleared from your body by your lymphatic system. Treatments may take between one and three hours, depending on the body areas being treated.

We’ll use a handheld device to administer cold to your fat cells. The device suctions your skin and underlying tissues as it goes, so you might experience a tugging sensation. After several months have passed, and the full effects are visible, you can decide if another treatment is needed. Just one session can result in a reduction in fat layer thickness of up to 20-25%.

If you’re ready to finally get the results you’ve put so much time and effort into achieving, only to be stalled by resistant pockets of fat in problem areas, body contouring could be your silver bullet against fat. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Laughlin, call our office or use our web form to send a private message today. 

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