Help! My Skin is Sagging

Over time, your skin naturally begins to sag. Facial skin begins to wrinkle, your belly starts to pudge, and your eyelids might begin to droop. If you’re frustrated with your loose skin and saggy appearance, it might be time to consult an expert. There are many treatments that promise tighter, younger looking skin, but only a specialist can create a plan that caters directly to your needs. 

At Laughlin Plastic Surgery in Annapolis, Maryland, Dr. Laughlin and his team offer both surgical and non-surgical options to improve your skin cosmetically and physically. Choose from our wide menu of services to tackle your most stubborn saggy spots!

What causes saggy skin? 

Your skin is held together by a complex web of fibers and proteins, particularly collagen and elastin. These two proteins provide volume and elasticity to your skin, which helps it stay plump and firm. 

As you get older, your body’s production of these proteins begins to slow down. Slowly, your skin will begin to sag, you might notice wrinkles and creases on your face. 

Your face isn’t the only place affected by volume loss and poor elasticity. We notice facial wrinkles first because you see your face every day, but other parts of your body are equally affected. If you have a baby or lose weight, you might notice loose, saggy skin on your stomach, too. 

In the past, this would just be a part of aging. Now, you have options for reversing these changes. 

Treatments for the face 

Everyone knows facelifts are an option, but many people have an outdated idea of the concept. An experienced surgeon can completely transform your face with a single surgery, tackling wrinkles, folds, and jowls all at once. 

If your eyes are the issue, eyelid surgery can remove loose skin and fat, which gives your eyes a more lifted, youthful appearance. This can be done in conjunction with a facelift, or as a stand-alone procedure.

Treatments for the body

When it comes to sagging tummies, surgery is the best way to tighten things up. A tummy tuck might sound intimidating at first, but it can be the quickest and easiest way to a flat stomach. 

Unlike liposuction, which only targets fat, a tummy tuck tightens the muscle and skin as well. 

If your abdominal muscles have gotten worn or torn over the years (or after childbirth), a tummy tuck can repair that damage. 

This goes for loose skin as well; if you’ve lost a considerable amount of weight or carried multiple children, you might notice that your skin is still accommodating for that girth. A tummy tuck can get rid of the excess skin and give you a tight, flat stomach. 

Cosmetic skin treatments 

Not ready for surgery just yet? Don’t worry, there are plenty of minimally invasive treatments to look into. These cosmetic skin services can tighten and plump your skin, and include: 

Are you frustrated with your loose, saggy skin? Learn more about your options by calling Dr. Laughlin. You can schedule a consultation by calling 410-297-0654, or visit the contact page for more information. 

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