What to Expect from Intradermal Pigmentation

What to Expect from Intradermal Pigmentation

Over the years, the time and financial cost of makeup can run into the thousands of hours and dollars. Permanent makeup, also known as intradermal pigmentation, can give you a consistent, always-on look that matches your personal ideals for beauty.

At Laughlin Plastic Surgery in Annapolis, Maryland, Dr. Daniel Laughlin offers a wide range of cosmetic skin services. He can discuss your options and help you decide if intradermal pigmentation is the route you wish to go.

Why people love permanent makeup

Unlike cosmetics you have to apply daily or hourly, permanent makeup can last for decades. Once you’ve decided on your perfect look, you can schedule intradermal pigmentation to etch your eyeliner and/or lipstick on your face for good.

No more:

Intradermal pigmentation is typically described as a form of cosmetic tattooing. Subtle pigments are injected just under the skin to show through in gentle shades of your favorite makeup palette, from eyeliner that swoops just so to lip blushing that will never come off on the rim of a glass (or a lover’s collar!)

Sweat, rain, wind — none of these will affect your perfect look when you use intradermal pigment. If you’re looking to fix more serious cosmetic issues, like loss of your eyebrows due to hair thinning, scar visibility, or areolas affected by breast surgery, intradermal pigmentation can resolve these types of problems as well.

What to expect 

The first step to getting intradermal pigmentation is a consultation with Dr. Laughlin. You can bring pictures of what you’d like the finished result to be, and he can explain what is possible and what’s not.

Once you’ve decided on which areas you want pigmented, your first in what may be a series of appointments will be booked. You’ll receive information on how to prepare for your appointments, and arrive dressed in comfortable clothing.

We may use a light topical anesthetic so your discomfort will be reduced. Most people say getting permanent makeup is milder than getting an actual tattoo, but depending on the area being treated, you could have some mild stinging and swelling after the work is done.

Afterward, you’ll need to keep treated areas clean and dry, and avoid using cosmetics or sun exposure for a few days. There may be several appointments to complete your treatment, and you might need occasional touch ups as ink fades over time.

Interested in permanent makeup? Dr. Laughlin explains the pros and cons of intradermal pigmentation so you can decide whether it’s right for you. To schedule a consultation, call 410-297-0654, or visit the contact page for more options. 

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