Will a Facelift Make Me Look Frozen?

Will a Facelift Make Me Look Frozen?

When you undergo cosmetic facial surgeries or injections, there is always the concern that your face will look stiff or frozen afterwards. Facelift techniques and procedures have improved over the years, and with the right surgeon, you can set those worries to rest. 

At Laughlin Plastic Surgery in Annapolis, Maryland, Dr. Laughlin and his team create natural, responsive features when we perform your facelift. This prevents you from having a tight, unnatural, or frozen expression on your face post-surgery.

Fears about a “frozen facelift”

In the past, facelift procedures were still in developmental stages. Also commonly known as a rhytidectomy, a facelift basically pulls your facial skin more tightly around the contours of your face, and may include removing excess fat and skin tissue in the process. 

This reduces sagging skin around the jaw and cheeks, giving the face a tighter, more youthful appearance. However, overtightening the skin can make your results look frozen and unnatural, which is why many people hesitate to commit to a full facelift. If you want natural yet dramatic results, you’ll need a surgeon with extensive facelift experience. 

Why the right surgeon is important

Facelifts have been around for decades now, and surgeons have gotten better at tailoring each procedure to their patient. One of the most important parts of your facelift is the very first visit with your doctor, when we become familiar with the natural shape and contour of your face. 

Dr. Laughlin discusses your concerns and expectations before examining your face, taking note where your skin creases and stretches naturally. He might draw marks or arrows to help you get an idea where the incisions will be placed, which way your skin will be pulled, and what the results will look like.

Your facelift experience

Once you’re well informed and confident about moving forward, Dr. Laughlin books your facelift date. During surgery, he carefully lines up incisions along natural creases. Often behind the ears or right at the hairline, before carefully shifting facial muscles, removing or repositioning fat, and cutting away excess skin tissue. Once the desired result is achieved, the incisions are closed.

Post-operative recovery can take time, and you might not see the fullness of your results until your face has healed. Expect some puffiness and swelling, and mild bruising as your face readjusts. Once it does, you’ll notice that you're not stuck with a frozen expression, but simply look younger and well-rested.

Considering a facelift? You deserve a top surgeon. Get in touch with Dr. Laughlin and our team by calling 410-205-5629, or fill out our contact form.

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