Will Everyone Be Able to Tell I've Had a Facelift?

The way facelifts are done has changed a lot since the early days of cosmetic surgery. Where facelifts used to be composed of a procedure that simply pulled skin upward to tighten it, leaving patients with a “plastic” or stretched appearance, modern facelifts are much less artificial-looking and the results may amaze you.

At Laughlin Plastic Surgery in Annapolis, Maryland, Dr. Laughlin and his team deliver exceptional, natural-looking results when you have a facelift. From the planning stages to your final recovery, you’ll stay informed and involved at every step of the process.  

Facelift basics

Your facelift is a surgical procedure designed to subtly alter the contours of your face and relieve the effects of aging by eliminating sagging skin and deep wrinkles. Dr. Laughlin can redistribute your facial fat, so you don’t need artificial fillers and reduce the appearance of jowls at the neckline, folds running from nose to mouth, sagging skin, and forehead wrinkles. 

Modern facelift techniques

Surgeons used to make a long incision all around the hairline down to the ears, and pull the skin tight. Dr. Laughlin uses smaller incisions cleverly hidden in natural lines of your face, so he can subtly tighten skin where it needs it most, move fat around, and contour your face for a youthful, natural effect.  

First, Dr. Laughlin will consult with you about your hopes and goals for your finished look. He’ll explain the procedures he’ll use to remove excess skin, shift soft tissues for ideal contouring, and redrape your face for a lifted look. You’ll get anesthesia during your surgery to keep you comfortable, and afterward you’ll have clear, easy-to-follow instructions for recovery.

In some cases, Dr. Laughlin may even be able to perform a “mini-facelift” with even fewer, smaller incisions, to update your look in problem areas and give you back a youthful visage without an exhaustive surgery. This only requires oral sedation and local anesthetic, and can be completed quickly. 

No one needs to know

Unlike having a nose job or a breast enlargement, a facelift can be subtle enough that even your close friends and family members won’t know you’ve had surgical intervention. The goal isn’t to restructure your face, but to lift your appearance. 

Since Dr. Laughlin works hard not to over-tighten skin, you won’t end up with a perpetually startled expression. Instead, you’ll just subtly look younger and fresher than you did before your facelift. You're more likely to be asked if you’ve been getting more sleep, lost a little weight, or found a new face cream than if you’ve had surgery. 

If you’re considering a facelift or have been seeking a qualified surgeon, get in touch with Laughlin Plastic Surgery by calling 410-297-0654 or visiting our contact page

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